Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Momma Mary

As Catholics we have a very great and very deep devotion to Mary. She is an amazing figure in the church and she is quite a beautiful woman! Growing up though we get all sorts of questions about our faith; "Worshiping Mary" being a prominent one.

I spend my summers working for an amazing ministry through The Pines Catholic Camp in Big Sandy, TX.  9 weeks with upwards of 2000 kids….we get these question all the time. The campers that attend this summer camp are on fire for the Holy Spirit and crave to know about their faith. As counselors we have developed and passed down creative ways to explain the faith to these amazing kids in a way they will understand. This explanation isn't dumbing the information down, just explaining it in a way that make Mary approachable.

Growing up you we are taught to respect out elders and obey our parents. Easy Peasy. If you did this all would be swell and you probably wouldn't end up doing extra chores or sent to you room without dinner. When your mom asked you to take out the trash or set the table your probably did it…right? You listened and responded, and now that you are older the same thing probably happens. Mom calls and asks you to do something for her and almost immediately you do it for you want to please her. 

This is a very similar concept to the relationship between Jesus and his mother. We, as Catholics, do not worship Mary because we think she is mightier than God or even on the same level. We don’t worship her period. The only one to worship is the Holy Trinity(God is Jesus, Jesus is the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit is God). We respect Mary because she is Jesus's mother and ours. What we do is pray to Mary for her intersession; we ask her to talk to her Son and pray for us as well. This is how I imagine a conversation between Mary and Jesus.
Mary: Jesus, my son, there is this lovely girl who is need of your help and she has asked me to talk to you and figure something    out.
Jesus: Yes mother, anything you say.
Short, sweet, simple, and to the point. Mary is Jesus's mother, and as I explained earlier respect and obedience to our parents is pretty high up there. That is who Mary is for us. She receives and takes our prayers to her son, who in return will always obey her. Regardless if you are praying to Mary, the saints, or God directly, instant gratification isn't a thing usually. There is still time needed for God to work out his plan, but know talking to Momma Mary only helps with hearing the answer.

So in now you know a nice nugget that is used to explain our relationship with Mary. Hope that it cleared the question up a little bit and put it in a way you can explain to others. Mary is here to love you. Let her, she can do some amazing things through her intersession!

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